Absorption is a team based game created by Saiketsu Tsuki in Febuary 2012. As of now it has not been playtested, but the rules and ideas have been created.


  1. The game calls for 4+ teams.
  2. The teams are to be made of four or more people.
  3. Each team is assigned a Captain.
  4. Life Count can be from 1-5 lives/15 seconds.
  5. Respawn is on the Captain.


  • The game starts at the ref's call.
  • Teams have two primary objectives:
    1. Protect the Captain and follow their commands.
    2. Defeat all of the other teams to become the last one standing.
  • When a Captain is killed, the remaining members of the team are 'absorbed' into the group of the one that killed their Captain. They have as many lives as they did before the absorbtion.
  • The game ends when only one team is on the field.


As A Training GameEdit

  • Helps prioritize defending the Captain and attacking enemy units when necessary.
  • Leaders must learn to prioritize a target for benifits. Or pull away from a target when the risks are too much.

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