In Way of the Sword, the Bushi player class is a offensive class whose abilities are generally integral to victory.

Historical BasisEdit

The Bushi were the peasant army that was sometimes raised to fight. Unlike Samurai they did not necessarily have a full suit of armor that was handed down from Generation to Generation. They also did not have the priviledge of carrying two swords. They were from the Buke class like the Samurai. We get Bushido from Bushi. Bushi means fighting man or warrior, Bushido means Way of the Warrior and was followed by Bushi and Samurai alike.

Historical WeaponryEdit

Historically the Bushi used whatever weapon they were given. They were given Yari spears often as well as a single sword. They were not allowed to carry the Daisho like Samurai were.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit


Bushi may use swords, shields, great weapons and polearms.


White Belt: 3 Points of armor, use of shield. Blue Belt: 3 Additional Points of Armor"[need verification]" Black Belt: Obakemono- Can use a great weapon in one hand but cannot duel wield great weapons.


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