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Central took Capture the Flag way too far...

Like several First Person Shooter renditions of the game, Capture the Flag revolves around retrieving a set flag. Two versions of the game exist: One flag and Two flag.

One FlagEdit


  1. Flag is placed in the center of the field.
  2. After the game begins, both teams are free to rush the flag.
  3. Whoever can push the flag past the opponent's spawn point first wins.

Two FlagEdit


  1. Both sides are given a flag to protect.
  2. After the game begins, both teams fight their way through the field to the opponent's flag.
  3. At the same time, the teams do their best to protect their own flag.
  4. After aquiring the enemy flag, the team brings it back to their own flag.
  5. When a flag carrier is killed, the flag must be dropped at their death spot. Friendly units can return it by running it back, and enemy units can retrieve it.
  6. When both flags are on one side, the game ends, and the team with both flags win.

Extra rulesEdit

  • Life count varies depending on the group.

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