Damiyo Takahashi Ryujin of Sokushi in the middle of a battle.

A Daimyo is a position of power in WoTS, signifying the leader of a Clan


  • A Daimyo is a respected athority, but must act as someone who deserves that respect.
  • They are tasked with assigning the Clan Taisho(s) and Daikon.
  • They lead each practice and insure it goes smoothly.
  • They control the Clan, making sure that dues are collected, weapon bags are full, and rules are adheared to.
  • They must explain the rules of the game to their new initiates and teach them the basics of WoTS.
  • They must assign their own clan rules, which govern the members of a clan directly.
  • They must act in the best interest of the clan and the shogunate. NEVER themselves.

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