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Players in a ditch battle.

A ditch battle is a team battle, and one of the most commonly played games in the Way of the Sword boffer sport. The origin of the name "ditch battle" comes from early days of Amtgard when players would literally fight in ditches. The name stuck, so regular team battles that aren't in ditches are still called ditch battles.

Team CompositionEdit

A ditch battle may be played with any sized team, from a two-versus-two team battle to the 100-versus-100 battles that take place at large events. The game has the options of being either class or martial with a vastly varying preset of the number of lives and the respawn count. Any safe and previously weaponry is considered legal within class restrictions.

Game MechanicsEdit

Two separate teams begin the match on opposite sides of the field and usually converge on each other around the midpoint at a combat line. For smaller battles, this line is often ill defined, but in large battles the line is easily distinguished and will often shift during the course of the battle.

The game ends after each player has exhausted their lives and are shattered out. The side that remains is the victorious team.


One scenario of "Ditch" that is rapidally gaining popularity is "Grueling Ditch", in which the winning side gives one player to the losing side (normally the first player of the winning side to die) for the next game. This is done as a means to keep both sides evenly matched and offer greater incentive for individuals to fight as hard as they can per battle.

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