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Another Day in the Office...

Games are the whole point of WoTS. They come in three flavors: Solo, Team, and Situational. Some can be as simple as fighting another warrior, or as complicated as trecking fields to capture a flag.

They often have Teamwork, Skill, and Leadership elements incorporated within them, and only a solid team can be victorious often.

Weapons must be boffer safe and cleared by the rules of WoTS smithing, and Armor and Garb should be made as near cultural accurate as possible.


Solo games are meant to raise and show the skills of a single person, normally through one-on-one situations.


Team games center around teamwork between clan, shougunate, or empires against one or more equally sizable forces. They depend more on teamwork, unity, battle tactics, and leadership.


Situational games depict specific situations. They can be played at night time, on certain terrains and structures, or with one team horribly outnumbered to make it challenging in some ways.

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