"I'm pretty simple man. Point me in the direction of the enemy and we are good."- Justin Koguma Ashori

General InformationEdit

Begining his career as a wanderer of sorts he shifted around from place to place until finding a home with the Azure Core, allies of Kyoudai Shogunate. While wandering he picked up the nickname Koguma meaning bear cub because of his bear like qualities and style.

The ManEdit

Born a mere human with almost no indication of a warrior blood he found solace in books and history. From this a love of warriors was born and at the age of inheiratance he left home and sought adventure, glory, tales to tell of his own exploits. Wandering from place to place his soft body turn hard, his mind sharpened, his sould strengthened.

He first found the clan of Taimatsumaru and there he studied the ways of the Monk but this did not satisfy him. He grew fond of battle, it was a lust never satiated and so he left. Roaming from place to place always seeking his next good battle he found the Azure Core. There he was taken in and his real training began. Put through rigorous training he earned his nickname, Koguma, and began to mesh his Monk taught training with his natural instincts to create a pressure based, slashing style.

Judged by his peers as ready he was made an Elite and now helps run the group he loves. He uses the Katana, but seeks to become mast of sword and shield, the hammer, axe and halbeard as well. As an Azurian he never backs down, never backs up.

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