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5v5 line-up for the February 2012 Camp-Out.

Kaibutsu is a singular group of around 20 members in Apollo Beach, Florida. They are a well-oriented Japanese clan. They primarily use Yari and Nagi-nata, but have not lost the culture of carrying a Katana with them. Kaibutsu, translating to Monster, loves nothing more than to tear down other groups from 8 feet away and work well when paired with other groups.


Kaibutsu, formally known as Kirin, was once led by Travis Meuhl before differences were peaked between leading members of the clan. Everyone left and Kirin was reborn as Kaibutsu less than 2 weeks after. The new leader was elected in (From previous leaders of Kirin, minus Travis) and Taichous were chosen by the Daimyo.


Kaibutsu intends to grow as large as possible and enjoy WotS; Even though they're hardly a year old counting the Kirin days.

As of March, Kaibutsu is lead by:

  • Jared Perkins, Daimyo.
  • Kyle Patch, Taichou.
  • Chapple Curington, Daikan.

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