Knockout is a team based game mode, and is based around the idea of important leaders in battle. It focuses on the flow of attacking the enemy leader and defending the friendly leader.


  • 2+ teams, along with a designated leader for each team.
  • Life/count varies, but when the leader is dead all members of that team go down to one life. The count is between 10-20 seconds.
  • The leader only has one or two lives.
  • Frequently, the Nirvana is on the leader.


  • Before the match, each leader is pointed out and shown to every other team so that there will be no confusion on leaders.
  • The main target is the enemy leader. Until the leader is dead, his team has multiple lives (Though the lives can still be drained by killing individual members).
  • Defeating the leader makes the match a much easier win. (In a Chaos Match, it is also the only way to win.)
  • After a leader is killed, his team can still win if they can kill the other team leader and wipe out the other team before they themselves are wiped out.
  • The last team with members still on the field is the winner.

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