"A bit like the Zhu Road I am, I carry culture and people to the various parts of the organization" ~Kote

Is a veteran within WotS in Central Florida having over 6 years within WotS and held few office positions. He was an original member of Red Mangetsu from its inception and a continued member from the fall of Red and the rise of Kuro Okami. He has been a member of and practiced with most of the original WotS central starter clans ranging from Kuro Okami to Ani Hoko and the now Kamibatsu. Deeply rooted into the martial aspect of the game he practices with all weapons but favors single sword or sword and shield. He has had few retainers under his house but all have achived levels of status within the WotS community, heading up with three to his guard and house, Lazarus, Sterling, and Kaze.

Clan HistoryEdit

  1. Red Mangetsu (Conroy & Red Bug Lake under Sarah Scott)
  2. Kuro Okami (Red Bug Lake under Nathan/Mary [Armor Corp][initiate])
  3. Youkai Kobukai (Sanlando under Granville[senior])
  4. Ani Hoko (Moss brought in w/ Derek under Stuart)
  5. Reihou Tsubaki (UCF under Nathan)
  6. Kage Kobukai (Secret Lake [1st Retainer/Taisho/Hatamoto] under Lepre)
  7. Youkai Kobukai (Sanlando under Thaddeus/Cody/Forrest [Kensai])
  8. Ronin Status
  9. TenNoJi (Red Bug Lake under Fez)
  10. Kamibatsu (Rising Sun under Dylan/Josh) [Current Clan]

Titles heldEdit

  1. Initiate
  2. Taisho/1st Retainer/Hatamoto
  3. Senior/Veteran
  4. Sensei/Kensai
  5. Armor Corp.
  6. Weapon Smith.
  7. Pirate Samurai


  1. Bushi (black)
  2. Samurai (black)
  3. Shinobi (blue)

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