The central shogunate. Most of her clans are located in seminole county with the exception of two satelite clans.

The story of Kyoudai begins with the creation of the Lou shogunate. The Lou was the most powerful shogunate of central FL and the SME. Taking on multiple shogunates and each time overpowering them with their supreme skill and equipment. Unfortunatly, all good things must come to an end. After 4 years of being on top, the shogunate finally fell due to lack of interist and an internal strife between the members and its leadership.

Soon, central FL would fall under a new name. The Hajimari shogunate, leaving the Lou name behind, several clans who were tired of the leadership of Lou banded together to create this powerhouse. Lou dwindled down to one clan and a struggling clan. The area was divided, but Hajimari surly had the upperhand.

As time would pass, Lou would increase in power and start to thrive once again. During this time, central was in decline and the division of past has proven to hinder the area. The two new leaders of Lou and Hajimari knew that deperated they still were a powerful force, but still not at their full potential. The two began work to unite once again and recreate the powerful brotherhood central once was.

Withinn a month after the winter campout of 2012, the to shogunate had come to terms and the leadership of Eddie Herdegen and Erik Molyneux united to create the Kyoudai shogunate. The brotherhood of central FL.

At the moment, the shogunate is working hard to increase its numbers and skill to fully unlock the potential of each member. The brotherhood will never die. It will always thrive on its members and the greater good of it people.

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