The M.o.M.

The Manual of Mayhem is a version of the WoTS rulebook created in December 2011 by an admin group headed by Emperor Kyle. The download link for the original can be found here.

It recieved mixed critizism at first for its acceptance of new rules such as allowing headshots from arrows and javelins. However, after a quick discussion, it was accepted as a official replacement to the "Path of Conquest".

M.o.M. is currently being revamped. A 1.1 version is due out soon. This wiki page will be dedicated to recording future changes as they are made.

1.1 Update(February 29, 2011)Edit

  • Added Grappling rules.
  • Clarified Shield Rules.
  • Lowered max armor rating by 1. (Max:2)
  • Lowered great damage by 1. (Great Weapon damage: 2)
    • Changed name of Great damage to Heavy damage.
  • Added 'safety risk' clause to weapon checking guide.