Myrmidonsbloodmoon fight

Myrmidons vs Bloodmoon at February campout, in a grueling 17 against 29 Battle.

The Myrmidons are a Greek culture based clan out of Deltona, FL started in October 2011.The Myrmidons are led by Forrest Raynard (who is also the Greco-Roman culture leader). They wear Black and Gold and fight shirtless. These are some really friendly guys and gals, on and off the field, so dont be scared to introduce yourself and which group you are with.

Current Roster

Forrest Raynard - Leader & Founder

Michael O'Hara - Head Archer, Founder & Co-Leader

Kevin Alexander - Elite Unit & Group Liason

Jerry Bishop - Elite Unit & Disciplinary Overseer

Christopher Conway - Elite Unit & Clan Armorsmith

Ian White - Respected Member & Founder

Derek Cruice - Elite Unit

Cory Hartner - Head Senate Assassin

Lazaro Nascaimento - Elite Unit & Clan Foamsmith

Joshua A Ronda - Elite Unit & Founding Member

Montana Durapau - Foot Soldier

Jarrod Llewellyn - Foot Soldier

Franklin Dillman - Foot Soldier

Robert Dillman - Foot Soldier

Emire Briscoe - Foot Soldier

Maxwell Helman - Foot Soldier

Salvatore Maurice - Foot Soldier

Scott Kugelman - Foot Soldier

Brandon Doelle - Foot Soldier

Antonio Doode - Foot Soldier & Current Token Black Guy

Tammie Johnson - Foot Soldier

Samantha Sterrett - Archer

Dennis Castello - Foot Soldier

Jordon Monday - Recruit

Richie Boyle - Recruit

Samuel Conde - Recruit

Alexander Wilson (AC) - Recruit

Anthony Smiley Mendez - Recruit

Des Collins - Recruit

Chris Wiglesworth - Recruit & Spear Crafter

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