He shall play you the song of his people.

"I am the prince of mirrors,and the king of vanity. I am an Atlantean metrosexual warrior who fancy's single sword,and polearms. I am a very pretty man,and my hair glows a yellow color due to the mercury poison I caught due to the pollution that flows through the waters of my homeland. I have trained with some of the very best warriors that the kingdom Sakura has to offer and more."

-Narcius Alexander Lockheart on himself.

Narcius Alexander Lockheart is a member of Atlantis. He has been part of Azure Gengetsu, Ani Hoko, Kuro Okami, and is currently one of the three masters in the realm of Blood Grove. Narcius began fighting in WotS right around the time it broke off from Amtgard five years ago, Narcius was one of the original members of Ani Hoko alongside Shawn Dunn, Jason Stuart, and Andre Manning. Narcius recieved his training in single blade combat from his masters Andre Manning, and Jason Stuart.

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Narcius, in single blade combat

Narcius enjoys singing the songs of his people, but don't let his beautiful singing voice, and stunning good looks fool you. Narcius is a skilled fighter in many types of weapon styles, in his free time Narcius enjoys collecting cosmetics, Pokemon cards, and mirrors. If you'd like to know more about Narcius or praise him for his plethora of outstanding attributes you can make contact with him and his legion of Daveaholics at!/groups/218938271538123/

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Narcius along with other orginal members of Ani Hoko

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