Players cheering from their spawn point.

The term "nirvana" refers to a section of the playing field which is designated for player respawn.

Game MechanicsEdit

At the beginning of most games, the area of nirvana is specified, usually on opposite ends of the playing field. Each team gets one nirvana. Most parks have established nirvanas which are regularly used unless in special game types or location changes.

A player is alloted a certain amount of "lives" during the game. When a player is "killed," they are to walk back to their team's nirvana and wait for the specified respawn time. Most often, the number of lives varies between one and five, and the respawn time between ten and thirty seconds. Variant games may have much higher or lower values, such as endurance matches with in excess of fifteen lives with a very low respawn time.

The following is an excerpt from PGF V0.95 about how death and nirvana work:

"No matter how good you are (or perceive yourself to be) you will eventually die. Now what happens upon your death varies drastically depending upon the scenario being played. There are however, some basic ground rules that 90% of all scenarios adhere too, and that you should assume to be in affect unless told otherwise.

Upon your unlucky/unskilled soul’s departure from your body, shout out the word, “dead.”

Immediately walk out of play and/or to wherever you need to go in order to “respawn.” While walking, put your arms/equipment above your head.

Be as forthcoming as possible about the miserable state of un-life that you currently find yourself in (or risk being unnecessarily swung at)

Do not interfere with game play/pace in any way. (This includes the picking up of any non-shield piece of equipment, namely projectiles.) ((However, archers reclaiming arrows on their way back to Nirvana is seen as an exeption to this rule, so long as they do not approach enemy lines to reclaim arrows while dead.

While “respawning” count backwards(or forwards if you're from a central shogunate), out loud, the number of seconds you must wait in your “heaven” before coming back into the game proper. Upon joining the living, shout 'alive' "

Note that the Barony of Verum (the Western Europeans) call their Nirvana, "Heaven."