Rothgar's village was destroyed by a horde of demons. He sought out every devil he could find to avenge his family. He came up against a powerful demon, Argoth and was defeated, losing control of his soul. He was a puppet of Argoth, made to assasinate his enemies. When sent to kill Ixsain, Master of The Order, he was defeated. Ixsain saw the truth of his fate, and prayed over his unconcious body. Rothgar awakend to a confined room in the stronghold of The Order. Left with only his thoughts and the Scriptures of Light, he eventually gained acceptance of the Goddess Ethnessa. Ethnessa pierced his heart with a ray of pure light, purging Argoth from Rothgar's soul. She wove a shield of light around his heart to forever guard against evil. It cost her a small portion of her essence, causing Rothgar to give an unbreakable oath. As Ethnessa shields my soul, so shall i shield others from evil. Rothgar slays demons once more. Evil fears his great sword.

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