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The Soul Drinkers and friends in Action!

The Soul Drinkers were the first Viking Clan in WOTS. Started in April 2010, the Vikings were the second Gajin culture to break off from the SME. Comprised of old SME members and fresh new recruits, the Vikings focused on group tactics brutal skirmishing. The Soul Drinkers premeired the first barrel Lamellar in WOTS as well as PVC chainmail.

The Vikings first public appearance was at East vs. West 2 in June of 2010 when the battled against the Sekura Moon Empire with the aid of Verum. The Soul Drinkers would go on to make a name for themselves on and off the field. They are known for their quick and brutal combat as well as their awesome parties afterwards.

The Soul Drinkers are also Responsible for starting The Brotherhood of The Berserker, specifically Ragefire who was the spearhead of the project.

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