A swordsman goes up against a shieldman from the Greko-Romans.

Sword is a common term for a bladed weapon within 30-42 inches of length. It is the most iconic weapon of medival war, and as a boffer weapon, among the most common and easiest to construct.

Because of the amount of users, swords have been known to break often as a result of faulty Foamsmithing and stress factors. Those who begin to learn foamsmithing usually start off with swords and daggers.


There are several types of swords, but the rules of construction are the same for many of them, with few exceptions. Most are very similar to one another, with only slight modifications to their build to make them more useful for different fighting styles. This list includes


A sword must be made to safety standards of the current rule set, the MoM , and if the standards are not adheard to, then the sword will be illegal to use at many practices and events. There are little to no exeptions to these rules. Below are is an exert from the rules that swordsmiths must take into account.

  • Cloth covers are REQUIRED on all striking surfaces of weapons including arrows and throwing weapons.
  • Any weapon must have no less than ½ of its entire length padded. The only exception is weapons that are STAB ONLY. They may have 1/3 of the length padded.
  • A weapon of the club, sword or glaive type must have a 2.5 foot(30 inch) long striking surface to pass.
  • Standard weapons must have 1 inch of padding on the striking surface.
  • Courtesy padding must be at least .5 inches thick.
  • All weapons must pass a hit test of light, medium, and hard strikes. The core is not to be felt at all and a hard strike should be uncomfortable but not painful.
  • All weapons must have the butt end capped in a pommel. Minimum 0.5 inch diameter. Minimum 1.5 inch diameter for pole weapons and great weapons.


There are several guides to creating a quality sword. Note that some of these guides are safe for some organizations, but may be disqualified if used outside of WoTS.

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