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kanji for Yuuhiro Takashi (Brave Warriors)

Yuuhiro Takeshi was originally formed at Arbor Park in Longwood on October 1st, 2010. One of the more notable battles Yuuhiro took part in was the first Intershogunate war, back when Kyoudai was called Lou. They allied with old Rosuuto and took on Ani Hoko. Over time, Yuuhiro moved to another park, and built up their numbers beyond the original fifteen. The first Daimyo of Yuuhiro was Eddie Grosskopf-Herdegen, who was assisted by Tito Ramos, Taylor Mowder, and Xander Herdegen. Together, they built Yuuhiro to it's peak.

Eventually, Daimyo Eddie left to build Lou by constructing more clans. In his absence, James Magnum was breifly installed, then power passed to Jimmy White. Jimmy transformed the Japanese force of Yuuhiro Takeshi into the Mongolian Force of Xuc Bursa. When the Mongolian Empire fell, Corey Mareno was installed as the new Daimyo. He led with help from Eddie, until Eddie decided he could no longer lead the group for personal reasons. Xuc Bursa disbanded for five or six months.

Eddie was installed as the new shogun for Lou Shogunate. Along with Ani Hoko and Kenji Saiko, He restarted Yuuhiro Takeshi (abandoning the Mongolian culture idea) with only a small number of members, those people being Corey Mareno, Jessica Burke, Dagan Effer, and James Magnum. Corey was put as Daimyo, and Jessica was put as Daikan. He led Yuuhiro for three months, but had to step down. Eddie put Jessica Burke as the Daimyo of the clan. After four months, Jessica stepped down for medical reasons and left Dagan Effer in charge.

Lou Shogunate merged with Hajimari Shogunate to become the 6 clan strong Kyoudai Shogunate. Yuuhiro Takeshi fights along Kamibatsu, Kii Jinkou, Aka Yuki, Saigo Ni, Sugegasa. Yuuhiro is a high potential group, looking for fighters who strive to be better. Their numbers are 20 - 25 strong, but a practice usually has 9 to 10. Their rivalry with Kamibatsu is a strong but friendly and welcome. If challanged Yuuhiro will come in at full force and fight untill the last of us is struck down.

We welcome visitors. Come at us. If you'd like to visit, call ahead or contact Jessica Burke on facebook.

Current Admin:

Daimyo- Dagan Effer

Daikon- Jessica "Lilith" Burke

1st Taishou- James Benson

2nd Taishou- Corey Mareno

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